See why our clients love us

Great experience!  Nurses and staff were amazing, kind, and thoughtful. Can’t wait to see my results!  They offer lots too. Would definitely recommend!

Jenny Lawyer

It was a great experience!

Dana Grimes

The service was amazing, starting with the consultation Bri did a great job with walking me through what I would expect with cool sculpting and explained the experience very well, the whole team was very knowledgeable about every aspect.  The service was very High end, because I was in the office for a long time they went as far as buying me lunch. Once I was sure I wanted to go through with it the team built a plan for what I wanted done, they worked with my schedule.  They made me feel very comfortable during the whole experience!

Samerah Muflahi

Excellent experience!  When entering Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting you are greeted by helpful staff and a comfortable setting.  I received my first hydrafacial with Molly. She was very tentative and thorough on explaining with detail what she was doing and what products she was using on my face.  Molly is very knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely recommend her services. Well worth the visit.

David Hauser

As a guy, I always have some trepidation going into a medspa setting. The staff at Platinum Sculpt made me feel right at home. This is truly a spa setting. I also went in knowing very little about cool sculpting. The experience with my consultation was very educational. Also, my results, freaking awesome!

Phil Worthey

I have worked with Erin and her team for over 3 years now, they are among the most professional and kind people I have worked with! Erin is always focused on creating the best experience for her customers and providing the gold standard of quality and care. The customer-first attitude is truly refreshing. From the state-of-the-art facility to the trustworthy staff and management, this is place where you can feel comfortable and know that you're going to be treated right!

Ryan Roberts

My wife and I love this place, but that’s not the reason we travel from Nashville to come here…it’s the employees and owner that make it such an amazing place. Yes, they are knowledgable and truly caring; however it’s their heart for service that puts them above and beyond in their industry. I also serve on a non-profit board and they are always one of the 1st businesses in the community to jump at the chance to give back and help others. I can’t speak highly enough of Platinum Sculpt CoolSculpting of Bowling Green.

Josh Miller

The best cool sculpting in all kentucky!

Francois Truc

I drive from Nashville for Hydrafacials because of the service and the staff. Halie is amazing and down to earth. All of the staff are honest, supportive, and authentic. No one is going to upsell you or recommend a service you don’t need or want. They care about your experience and that you always leave feeling better than you did before you walked in their door. The service and passion for what they do is unparalleled. Five stars ⭐️ Highly recommend!

Shelley Chamberlain

The staff was so professional and accommodating!! Thanks for the great experience!!! Will be back!

Justin Reesy

Platinum Sculpt is a professional & welcoming business. They go above & beyond for their clients to make sure each one is satisfied with their treatment/service. I would recommend this business to anyone.

Molly Pyles

I started with the hydrofacial.  I have had these at other places. Halie was extremely professional and detailed. It was a fantastic experience.  I bought  a package of 6.  My skin looks and feels good.  I have had several compliments on my skin. Thanks Erin & Halie

Kathy Perry

Great to work with and no pain!  Loved my results.

Lauren Durham

Great to work with and no pain!  Loved my results.

Lauren Durham

First of all, I love love love the staff! Erin and Halie are AMAZING! Not only did they cater to my needs, and ensure that coolsculpting was the right fit for me. They always made sure I was comfortable. With those pluses aside, I got my first treatment on May 19. They tell you to wait 3 months for full results, it is now July 11th, not even 2 months in, and I am MORE THAN pleased with my results!

KeAundrea Stovall

This is long over due I could not have ask for a better place to go.  Everyone was welcoming and very helpful.  And I finally got my body back I would so recommend this to anyone results may very.Thank you

Karrie Rodgers

Wonderful and professional staff! Answered all of my questions throughly. Would definitely recommend this place! My results are great and has definitely been worth the money.

Brianna Morris

Yesterday , I look a timeout and went for a little pampering @ Platinum Sculpt Coolsculpting  and had a Hydrafacial . I was not disappointed my esthetician Sierra was incredibly knowledgeable  and careful. I really appreciated the time she took to explain each step of the procedure ., my skin fells clean and wonderful . I can't wait for the next one!!!!

Dedra Adkins

Love, Love, Love!! Really happy with the results that I received on a trouble area around my legs/hips that would not go away regardless how hard I tried with diet and exercise. This has been such an amazing experience and I could not be happier with what I see so far!

Jennifer Drumm

I went to Platinum Sculpt for my problem tummy area. If you are scared of the cold, don’t be. I am constantly freezing and it was not that bad. Halie, Sierra, and Erin make you feel at ease before, during, and after the treatments. The office has a spa feel which is so relaxing that I almost fell asleep during my treatment. I  measured my waist before my first treatment, (just so I would know what I had lost) and in just 1 treatment I lost 1 inch in my waist. I am doing another treatment and hope to lose even more inches, especially since you get better results with 2 treatments rather than just 1. I can’t say enough good things about Platinum Scuplt.

Cindy Lance

Erin and her staff were great! I was very skeptical of this going into it but have seen tremendous results. For years I have tried to tone up my mid section without success. After my first treatment at Platinum Cool Sculpt I am where I want to be. Highly recommend Platinum Cool Sculpt in Bowling Green, Ky!

Jamie Peerce

I really enjoyed my experience at Platinum Coolsculpt.  I couldn’t have asked for better results

Matt Stephens

Platinum Cool Sculpt in Bowling Green is a luxury life changing experience. The environment is modern, professional, clean, uplifting, and soothing. The staff provides emotional and physical support through the entire process while formulating a treatment specific to your individual needs. They work tirelessly to help you achieve your desired results. This process is the ideal way to get your life back on track and I couldn’t think of a better center to do so. I am forever grateful to the staff and to their fantastic treatment space that has benefitted my life tremendously already!

Nicole McGee

My experience at Platinum Sculpt was amazing!!  I was nervous going in but Erin & Halie answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable.  I never once felt embarrassed or ashamed of my body with them.  They were both so professional.  The treatment itself was super easy too!  It was cold but after a few minutes the treatment site went numb and I seriously could have taken a nap.  So relaxing!!  I can’t wait to see my results!!  Thank you Platinum Sculpt for making your clients feel truly relaxed and for providing such outstanding customer service!!

Suzanne Woodward

The staff was great! Super comfortable facility. Excited to see my results!

Kasey West

The staff was very friendly and professional.  They made me feel special and the evaluation was very thorough.  I had an area treated that I assumed could not be treated with cool sculpting. The time  for actual treatment was 35 minutes not counting set up.  I felt a little suction at first but soon nothing at all.  My treatment was 4 days ago and I still have no pain or redness.  I can't wait to see the results.  I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Linda Horsley

The friendly staff was very knowledgeable on CoolSculpting  and made me feel at ease. I was very surprised at how comfortable my procedure was. Can't wait to get another area treated!

Becky Littlejohn

I have been getting the hydrafacials since June 2021 and let me tell you, they completely changed my skin! I used to have dry, sensitive skin with dark acne scars. The hydrafacial balanced out my dryness and sensitivity, and completely brightened my acne scars! I've never had a bad experience, everyone is so kind and accommodating, I truly love this place! Shout-out to Molly for being the best esthetician ever!

Breanna Dennison

One of my TOP places to visit to feel beautiful and refreshed! The entire staff is so kind and helpful. Molly gave me an outstanding hydrafacial; it was the best facial I've ever experienced!  She recommended skin care products, gave me free samples and they helped over night! I was amazed, so bought them. I came in with stressed and broke out skin and in an hour my skin was gleaming and SO clear!

Chesney Davidson

Enjoyed my hydrafacial with Molly! She was personable, professional and well knowledgeable about the process. It was a relaxing experience. My skin was glowing moments after I left! Highly recommended Hydrafacial BG!

Suzanne Allen

The entire staff is personable, engaging, and polite. Not only is the establishment clean, so are the working areas and rooms. I've spoken to so many different professionals here and they've all been incredibly friendly, courteous, and fun. I get regular facials with Halie, because I'm obsessed, and Megan is incredibly conscientious of her clients' well-being. Highly recommended.


While I've never received botox, fillers or any cosmetic procedure, I have had numerous types of facials throughout the years.  The HydraFacial is by far the best!  Sierra was very professional, walking through each step and is highly knowledgeable in skin care.  My skin was glowing immediately after and shockingly did not have to reapply foundation to go back to work.  Over the last few days, I have noticed my skin is soother, has a dewy appearance and less amount of my daily routine products are required.   I will be a return customer!   Thank you for the AWESOME service!

Jennifer Pedigo

The hydrafacial was unlike any facial I have had. It truly felt effective, and I loved seeing the results at the end in the bottle. The aesthetician doing the treatment was very knowledgeable and informative. My skin feels a new level of clean and hydrated and I think it’s also visible! There’s nothing uncomfortable about it either for those wondering. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Amanda Murray

There are few better feelings than investing in self care and actually having results to show for it. My skin has never looked or felt better and I have Halie to thank for that. The experience is always top notch and from the moment you step in the door you feel so much warmth from everyone in the building.

Dori Hunt

I love this place! Halie gives the best hydrafacials and dermaplanes. When I need a pick-me-up to feel energized and refreshed, this is where I go! I go in dull and walk out glowing. It’s my health and beauty haven.

Shannon White

I loved my hydrafacial with Halie! She is so talented and answered like a thousand questions I had about all things skincare with such professionalism. Felt like she genuinely cared and I can’t wait to go back!!

Katelyn Yanes

As a man that doesn't get facials that often I was really amazed at what a Hydrafacial does. It is a really easy process and isn't painful at all. Being able to see what comes out of your skin really makes you think about how you take care of your face. I would highly recommend Hydrafacials and I would most importantly recommend Hydrafacial BG. Wonderful service, wonder office.

Jonathan Courtney

Best facial hands down! Sierra is amazing and very knowledgeable about skin. You will leave there with a smooth and youthful glow!!

Kristal Sullivan

Loved my results! The office is very clean and safe. The staff was professional and it was so relaxing! My results are great, and I loved the sample products they provided.

Katy Moody Cusick

I absolutely loved my treatment. The girls there are super friendly and very knowledgeable. My face feels so clean and soft. It’s already glowing!

Christina Caron

I absolutely loved my treatment. The girls there are super friendly and very knowledgeable. My face feels so clean and soft. It’s already glowing!

Christina Caron