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Medical Weight Loss

Have you attempted everything possible to lose weight and you're still dealing with the extra pounds? It may be time to consider medical weight loss and have professionals like those at Platinum Sculpt provide you with the devices and added motivation you need to achieve and keep a healthy weight.

What Is Involved in Medical Weight Loss?

Weight loss in a medical environment is a physician-directed, science-based program made to target the underlying causes of weight gain and obesity to allow patients to reach and sustain long-lasting weight loss. The tools you'll receive at a medically-directed weight loss facility are totally different from those that you commonly see with commercial weight loss plans.

Medical weight loss is designed to help you drop extra pounds in a stable, healthy process. This professional treatment will also help you address health problems that are related to your weight. Although your medical weight loss program will be tailored to fit your unique situation, this treatment may involve testing, medications, lifestyle adjustments, and counseling.

Receiving Metabolic Testing

Your metabolism is the process that your body uses to transform the food and beverages that you consume into energy. Your age, gender, muscle mass, and other factors will impact the rate of your metabolism. As you get older, your metabolism is likely to decrease. In addition, some prescription medications can slow down your metabolism. This shift can cause you to feel fatigued and gain weight.

We can use metabolic tests to determine whether your metabolism is contributing to your weight gain. Learning about the rate of your metabolism will allow us to develop effective weight loss strategies for you.

Taking Medication

In some cases, you will not be able to reach your ideal weight by changing your diet and exercising more frequently. When we begin your treatment, we will review your medical history and body mass index. Depending on your situation, we might advise you to take weight loss medications during your treatment.

Balancing Your Hormones

Your hormones have a big effect on your weight. Some hormones will increase your lean muscle mass. On the other hand, other hormones can cause you to gain a large amount of unwanted fat. If your hormones are out of balance, you might be unable to lose weight on your own.

During your weight loss treatment, we can use tests to monitor your hormone levels. If your hormones are out of balance, we can utilize a range of techniques to resolve this problem. For example, we can suggest lifestyle changes or advise you to take supplements.

Receiving Dietary Counseling

It's important to understand the effect that your diet has on your weight and physical well being. During your treatment, we will provide you with nutritional counseling that will give you the ability to make healthier eating choices.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

We will use our training and experience to help you make lasting lifestyle improvements. We will not recommend time-consuming, unpleasant workout programs that are difficult to fit into your schedule. Rather, we will develop an enjoyable exercise program for you. Plus, we will create a customized diet program that is tailored to suit your metabolism and weight loss goals.

If you are tired of trying fad diets and challenging workout programs that don't improve your health, you should consider getting professional help during your weight loss journey. During your medical weight loss treatment, we can balance your hormone levels and show you healthy eating habits. To find out more about this incredible weight loss treatment, contact us at Platinum Sculpt.

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